Music Festival

Location Can Give Musical Inspiration

Enjoy the Smooth Easy Sounds of Musician and Composer Mr. Chuck Lange 

Who is Chuck Lange? 

  • Accomplished solo guitarist, musician, composer, song writer, photographer, and nature lover. He has been performing for over 50 years. 
  • Previously sold over 1 million CD`s in the music relaxation  Market. 
  • 2 gold selling CD`s under the North Sound label. 
  • Performed numerous times at the worlds largest music festival "Summer Fest" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
  • Currently performs over 70 local dining solo gigs a year. 
  • Instrumental music known as smooth, relaxing with a “gentle sway”. 
  • Instrument of choice is a nylon string acoustic guitar. 
  • Music consists of original music and new arrangements of cover songs.
  • Currently has written, composed and produced 5 total Complete CD's.